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Who We Are

Kinex Technologies is a Private Limited Company. It is a leading name in the world of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and alike. It was incorporated in the year 2016 by Rohit Raj with the motive to set a milestone in the sector. Rooted in Jharkhand, India, it has quickly spread its reach far and wide, through satisfactory and impressive service and the growing base of loyal clients. We have completed more than 150 big and small projects till now, without counting the repeat or renewed contracts from the customers who count us as their numero uno.

We provide digital marketing solutions for all kinds of organizations, whether you are a startup and a well-run organization we provide best solutions as per your business requirement. We provide complete internet marketing solutions and help you in business growth.

  • Website Designing
  • Hosting Services
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Political Consulting
  • Bulk SMS
  • Complete IT Solutions
  • Content Development

In today’s times of tremendous development, it has become imperative to have an online presence because the number of people who are becoming tech-savvy is continuously increasing too. Now, a vast number of brands gained status by making their presence felt in the market, and by using consciously planned marketing strategies, and their careful implementation.

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The increasing number of social media platforms, advertising options, etc have divided and spread the audience to an unimaginable level. That’s why it becomes very much essential to decide which platforms will be the best options to be targeted for different businesses and how to get the maximum results from them.

At Kinex Technologies, we conduct extensive research before taking up each project to gauge the exact situation along with getting an idea about the intensity and rate of changing trends, the possibility of further changes and their direction, etc. After that we tailor-make the best suitable plan according to the budget of the client, thus giving the optimum ROI (Return On Investment) for the client. This automatically helps in increasing the benefits of the whole effort and increase revenues for the businesses.

Our Vision:

Kinex Technologies was incorporated with the vision of providing spectacular and trend-setting services to clients. We wish to excel and set an unprecedented example in understanding the clients’ requirements, coming up with unparalleled solutions, and deliver unbelievably positive results. We believe that every client has different needs, target audiences, different business strategies, and sales targets. Keeping all these and other factors in mind, we create customized service plans for each client and, thus, provide better results than expected.

This is very much evident in the expertise shown by our team of creative and experienced individuals because our team consists of individuals who hold a wide variety of experience in different fields, thus being able to align and amalgamate the benefits of it all while customizing the solutions.


Our Mission:

We strongly believe that market presence plays a huge and very important role in boosting the sales and profits of any business. For this purpose, only hoardings and printouts are not sufficient. This is because oftentimes, people not even so much as glance at them.

To get better results, we target the businesses’ target customers through services like Bulk SMS, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and other such services. Our basic motto is to increase the ROI (Return On Investment) for our clients. This we do by putting to use our understanding of the various types of businesses and how to enhance them.

We also believe that proper planning means half of the work is already done. It is because proper planning is the pre-requisite to achieve any target. Hence, we allow appropriate time and effort to the planning part. We apply some of such core strategies to all our workings like Hosting services, PPC services, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile App Development, and Web Design Development.